5 Reasons For The High Incidence Of Motorcycle Collisions

Motorcycle accidents are comparable to other types of car accidents in specific ways. However, there are significant distinctions like motorbikes, motorcycle riding, and the potential for injury. As a result, This article will like to discuss the most prevalent cause of motorcycle accidents, carelessness.


Rain, sleet, and ice are no match for motorcycles. Weather is a compounding element in many motorcycle accidents, despite data indicating that it is not the primary cause. Collisions are frequently caused by slick roads, which are most commonly caused by drizzles or sudden rains.

Age Of The Rider:

According to the NHTSA, older motorcyclists are at a higher risk of motorcycle-related deaths. In 2011, 56 percent of cyclists killed in accidents were 40 or older, according to statistics. According to NHTSA figures from 2011, the average age of people who died in motorcycle accidents is 42 years old.


Automobiles, of course, may be a motorcycle’s worst enemy. After all, a motor vehicle’s significantly greater size and weight may inflict catastrophic damage to the motorbike, not to mention the severe danger to the rider. According to a sobering but revealing 2012 figure, transportation contributes to motorcycle accidents, specifically rush hour traffic. According to the NHTSA, rush hour accounts for slightly over 23% of motorcycle-related deaths.


Although a motorcyclist may find it attractive, we believe that speeding is simply reckless. Speeding was responsible for 34% of motorcycle deaths in 2012. Compared to all other motorists, this is the most significant percentage and biggest category of speeding-related deaths.


When it comes to riding a motorbike, you should focus every ounce on keeping the machine safe. Despite this, drinking is one of the leading causes of motorbike accidents.

A motorbike brakes usually when the pressure is given to both the front and rear wheels, depending on the rider’s preference. Put it another way; the two brake systems work separately. Controlling and braking a motorcycle is more complicated than handling and braking a car. When you consider how simple it is to wear a helmet and how successful it is in preventing injury and death, going without one is too unsafe and irresponsible. If you have any questions about a motorbike accident, you should always seek the advice of an expert, such as Tiemann Law Firm.

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