What Are The Dog Bite Laws In Alabama?

When a dog bites or injures a human in Alabama, the dog owner is liable for damages as long as the injured person was lawfully on the dog owner’s property at the time of the harm. The Act also applies in circumstances when the wounded person was lawfully on the dog owner’s land, but the injury occurred off the owner’s property due to the dog’s chase. Damages are restricted to actual expenses borne by the injured person if the owner establishes a lack of awareness.

Common-Law Liability Of Dog Bites Occurring Outside Of The Owner’s Property:

Common law negligence standards regulate the injured person’s right to compensation when a dog bite occurs outside of the owner’s property. In that situation, the wounded person must show that the dog’s owner was aware of, or had cause to be mindful of, the dog’s harmful proclivity. Even if the owner can show that he had no awareness of the situation, he will still be held accountable for the injured person’s actual expenses.

Rabid Dogs:

The state of Alabama has a law against rabid dogs. If a dog owner knows his dog has rabies and bites someone, the owner is accountable for twice the damages the victim has faced.

Dangerous And Vicious Dogs:

When a nasty or dangerous dog is negligently managed or allowed to run free, and another person is bitten or hurt without negligence on his part, the owner or the dog’s keeper at the time of the harm is liable for damages. Even if their dog has never demonstrated aggressive behavior, Alabama law requires all dog owners to be aware of the general proclivities of the breed they possess. A pit bull, for example, is an unpredictable breed that can be violent and dangerous. 

If a dog or any animal has bitten you, the first thing you should do is get medical help. You may require stitches, a tetanus booster shot, or antibiotics. If your injuries are more serious, go to an emergency room right away. Contact a knowledgeable and qualified Alabama dog bite law firm such as Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP, after you are safe and well-cared for. They will assist you in holding the dog owner accountable for their deadly animal and obtaining the reimbursement you require to pay for your injuries and expenses.

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