What Is The Impact Of Speeding And Running Red Lights?

You’re running late once more. There’s a red light approaching, and you know it’ll catch you off guard, adding minutes to your journey. Unfortunately, running a red light can have disastrous effects even “just once” running a red light. A split-second judgment is commonly the cause of running a red light. Few drivers have the time or aptitude to weigh the likelihood of life-altering repercussions before deciding.

Running a red light is considered “aggressive driving” under the law. Running a red light has a higher risk of serious injury than other forms of accidents. Unfortunately, drivers in cross-traffic with a green signal are as well. The car’s occupants impacted on its side are frequently injured or killed in these “angular” crashes. This is because most cars have extensive safeguards in the front and back that absorb the power of an accident. On the sides of autos, there are no such “crumple zones.” The driver and passengers are only inches away from the source of a side hit, increasing the chances of serious injury.

Around 60 people died per month in 2015 due to crashes involving running on the red light. Furthermore, nearly 200,000 people are wounded in red-light running accidents each year. When the police capture a car running a red light, the most typical penalty is a moving infraction. When a traffic control device turns red, drivers must come to a complete stop at or before the limit line, which is a painted line that designates where cars should stop. If there is no limit line, cars should come to a complete stop at the intersection’s beginning. A moving violation involves failing to halt or “rolling through” a red light without coming to a full stop.

There are numerous actions a person might take if they are involved in an accident with an automobile that ran a red light. Because they ran a red light and breached their duty of care to others on the road, a victim can sue the automobile driver that hit them for damages. If you were hurt in a car accident caused by a vehicle that ran a red light, you should contact a personal injury law firm like Bruner Law Firm to determine if you are eligible for compensation.

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