Which Questions You Should Ask When Filing For Long-Term Disability Case

The process of filing a disability insurance claim is complicated and can have life-changing consequences, so choosing the appropriate lawyer is critical. Disability lawyers, on the other hand, do not all have the same priorities or approaches. To help you decide whether disability insurance is best for you, the following is a list of critical questions to ask a lawyer.

Do You Have Any Experience With Disability Insurance?

It’s not easy to understand and apply disability insurance laws. However, not all disability lawyers specialize in long-term and short-term disability, and you don’t want to hire one who also handles ERISA claims. You want someone with as much experience with your type of claim as possible when you’re seeking to collect the benefits you need to sustain yourself and your family.

What Is The Location Of Your Office?

While this may appear to be a simple question, your lawyer must have a local office. If you can’t determine whether or not the firm has an office near you from their website, this should be one of your first queries when you contact them. A lawyer who has worked on cases in your area will be better familiar with the courts, attorneys, and local idioms that may affect your claim.

How Do You Handle Client Meetings And Communications?

Knowing how a lawyer communicates with clients will reveal whether or not you are a suitable personality match. Some lawyers are hands-on, responding to messages and emails immediately. While your lawyer examines and negotiates your claim, you should expect to meet with your lawyer at least once and receive periodic updates or requests for additional information.

What Is Your Fee System Like?

The cost of an attorney for a disability insurance claim can vary. Some lawyers will accept a contingency fee, while others will propose an hourly price. Depending on your circumstances, one pricing structure may be a better deal than another. Before you employ a lawyer, you should understand how their fee structure works.

What Percentage Of Your Disability Insurance Claims Are Resolved Without Going To Court?

A disability insurance lawyer with a track record of settling disputes before going to court is one thing to look for. Some lawyers would try as many cases as possible in the hopes of establishing a reputation through published court judgments. The attorneys should only go to court if necessary to obtain the benefits they deserve.

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